What Our Guests Say

DreamSki Adventures delivers what our guests describe as their “best holiday ever!”
“After skiing the world this was the best skiing holiday I have ever had! Well organized, good value, and very professionally run.”
Adrian Jackson - England (Argentina Tour)
“It’s more than a ski adventure.  It was one of the best holidays I’ve ever experienced. The country, the culture, everything was the best.  We’ve experienced the best with the best.”
Margaret-Anne Gold – Canada (Argentina Tour)
“Absolutely the best holiday I‘ve had with a great mix of skiing, company and fun!  I haven’t laughed so much in years – will definitely be coming back and recommending it to everyone I know!”
Clare Coulter – England (Chile Tour)
“It was the best skiing trip that I‘ve been on.
Absolutely fantastic!”
Fiona Rae – England (Canada Tour)
“It was without doubt our best ever ski holiday,
and we felt we improved a great deal.”
Paula Pearce – England (Chile Tour)
“As you know I pretty much shoot straight from the hip and I am not kidding when I say it was the best vacation ever.  It truly was.”
Jonathan Palevsky – USA (Chile trip)
“Great ski instruction with fantastic snow conditions. Certainly one of the best holidays I have enjoyed.  The small group formula with leaders that are attentive and personable make for a great time.  Argentina 2008 was one of the best holidays of my lifetime.  Chile 2009 was even better!”
Adrian Jackson - England (Chile Tour)
DreamSki Adventures provides more than just a ski holiday!
“This trip has been one of the best experiences of my life, not just the skiing, but the whole package.”
John Goddard - England (Chile Tour)
“A unique ski holiday experience – difficult to beat! Exceptional value, exceptional service, fun, and interesting in terms of experiencing new country and culture.”
Gary Dinnes – Scotland (Chile Tour)
“Unparalleled! A perfect combination of fun on the snow, improving skiing skills and a fabulous introduction to the diverse culture of Chile”
Linda Walker & Hal Ringiesen – USA (Chile Tour)
“Thanks for everything as it was a fantastic trip. You added a great deal more to the tour than I had anticipated in terms of value added beyond the skiing part of the trip.”
Keith Hunt – Canada (Chile Tour)
“Very exciting and rewarding. It gave us wonderful insight into a lovely country and people and improved our skiing & snowboarding massively!  We could not recommend the trip highly enough. The holiday exceeded our expectations - especially the skiing and snowboarding and can't wait till next year to do it all again.”
Michael & Monica Bigg – Australia (Chile Ski & Snowboard Tour)
DreamSki Adventures offers world class ski Instruction for all levels
“Nine days with DreamSki Adventures has improved my skiing more than the last 4 years. The road trip style was great fun! Allowed us to see resorts we wouldn’t have.”
Fiona Webb – England (Canada Tour)
“A real skier’s ski holiday.  If you love all terrain skiing and want to become proficient off the piste it’s superb!  Great mix of instruction and free skiing. Gerry’s instruction was superb and an excellent guide. Gerry will improve you what ever your level.”
Nigel Hirst – France (Chile Tour)
“The best tuition I have had.  Charlie is a top chap, top guide, and top tuition!”
Simon Greaves – England (Chile Tour)
“I was exposed to lots of very different terrain and conditions that I have never seen before.  I am a lot more confident now and have more of the mountain open to me.”
Michael Bigg – Australia (Chile Snowboard Tour)
“Fantastic trip for serious skiers keen to challenge themselves in a supportive environment.  Good balance between instruction and free skiing.  Great opportunity to improve my skiing in a way rarely available to those with only a couple of weeks to spare. All ski trips are not the same!  DreamSki Adventures has refreshed my enthusiasm for what the sport can offer.”
Helen Clark – England (Chile Tour)
“An amazing experience that will be difficult to better. I was doing slopes that I thought I would never have the confidence to do and good to see the improvement on video. This is my second holiday with DreamSki and I can’t wait for the next.  This from the person who was scared of black runs and powder!!!”
Lesley Jackson – England (Chile Tour)
DreamSki Adventures delivers well organized tours to maximize your holiday experience
“The organization was awesome.  The caring and comfort was awesome and I enjoyed the fun and wonderful company!!!! You have given me so many magical moments.  It has been everything I’ve dreamed of and more!”
Laurie White - Canada (Argentina Tour)
“I very much enjoyed the tour.  You obviously put a lot of thought and organization into the package.  It was great to experience much more than just skiing. Well organized, efficient, and excellent tour guides.”
Greg Kay –Canada (Chile Tour)
“Thank you for such an amazing DreamSki Adventure. I learned a lot about skiing and Chile. I admire your organization and all that you put into your tours. I am certain I will see you next year in Argentina.”
Katherine Smith – Canada (Chile Tour)
“One of the best organized trips I have enjoyed.  A memorable vacation with many happy times on and off the mountains.  The best scenery I have seen on a ski trip in the past 48 years.”     
Barbara Dallimore – Canada (Argentina Tour)
“Well organized and well researched.  I had every confidence in the tour leader, driver, and snowboard instructor at all times.  The mix of skiers and boarders worked very well.  I would recommend this holiday to anyone who wants to go snowboarding in Chile.”
Joy Beard – England (Ski & Snowboard Chile Tour)