Ability Levels

Determine which DreamSki Tour is for you

We want to provide you with your best ever ski holiday and adventure. A major part of achieving this is for you to get the most out of your skiing and snowboarding experience and receive what you came for; whether that is an introduction to powder, improving in the powder or lots of challenge in the steep and deep.

To achieve this each tour we offer identifies a range of skier and boarder ability levels that the tour is designed for.  The following levels are used and you must determine which one best fits your ability and experience. Then choose the appropriate DreamSki Adventure with that level included in its range.

You ski /ride blue & red runs at reasonable speed and venture on to groomed black runs, but struggle and confidence is an issue. No powder experience.

You might say: “I want to ski black runs well and start skiing the un-groomed snow”

You are fast/aggressive on blue & red runs no matter the snow conditions and ski black groomed runs with confidence but if pitch increases or snow conditions are difficult you struggle.  Minimal or no powder experience.

You might say: “I want to learn how to ski well in un-groomed snow and powder“

You ski/ride groomed black runs with speed and confidence in all snow conditions.  Going off the groomed is something you do but not necessarily with speed or style.  Some experience in powder but ski/ride it slower, struggling at times

You might say: “I want to ski well in the powder with more speed & rhythm linking shorter turns”

You ski/ride anywhere on the mountain including trees, steeps, bumps for skiers, and all snow conditions. You can ski/ride powder with rhythm & moderate speed. Lots of experience in powder but could improve towards more speed and less effort with smoother technique.

You might say: “I’ve been skiing for some time and could always use a tip or two to get better.”

You ski/ride aggressively with speed everywhere on the mountain including trees, steeps, bumps for skiers, and all snow conditions. Years of experience in powder and always looking for a challenge and the next big line.

You might say: “Bring it on!”

To assist in determining your correct ability level:

1.    Be honest with yourself.  The quality of your tour and your fellow tour members very much relies on an accurate assessment of your ability level and experience.

2.    If you consider yourself very cautious and/or confidence can be an issue then down grade yourself one level after reading the level descriptions.

3.    If you find yourself between categories when describing your ability, then choose the lower category.

4.    These categories assume a reasonable level of fitness.

5.    If after reading the categories you are unsure of the exact category for you, please contact us and we will help you determine the correct one.