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Join us in Japan for a fascinating cultural experience and an incredible ski adventure with huge snow! More than you have ever experienced over a two week period!

You will be skiing on Japan’s most northern islands of Hokkaido where the secret is slowly getting out on how much snow is found there. You will be skiing in areas that are known a lack of people and for incredible volumes of snow fall – up to three times what you are accustomed to.

In central Hokkaido they average over 11 metres of snow in just 4 months!! To put that into perspective, Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies averages 3.7 metres over 7 months. In western Hokkaido, home to Niseko they receive even more…a whopping 15 metres of snow! It snows almost everyday in the heart of the season!

Of course there are lots of amazing groomed runs as well, as that is where most of the Japanese ski! They leave the fresh to us!

Don’t let the amount of snow be daunting if you are not experienced in powder. This tour is designed for all levels of experience as we will have multiple instructor-guides to meet everyone’s needs from challenging the experienced powder skier to supporting the less experienced with instruction.

To add more snow to your big snow adventure we offer you optional “out of bounds” days. Certified local back-country guides will safely guide you to all the sweet spots off the back side of some resorts, into areas that will rival your best powder day ever!

To share Japan with you in the DreamSki Adventure tradition of taking you inside the country to experience the culture and the people, one of our instructor-guides is from Japan. They will be invaluable as your translator, cultural expert, and food guru to expose you to all that is Japanese!

It promises to be an adventure of a lifetime! Remember - there is only one thing better in February than skiing with friends on a bright sunny day on good old hard pack snow… skiing waist deep powder in Japan!

Japan Big Powder Tour

This 12 day ski adventure offers you 10 days of skiing on Hokkaido Island. You will explore 5 resorts over two weeks. You will visit Niseko United Ski area, Rusutsu, Sapporo Teine, Sapporo Kokusai and Kiroro ski areas. This tour has the high probability you will be skiing lots of powder and eating fantastic food!

Date: Please Inquiry for Dates
Skier Level: Strong Intermediate – Expert
Number of Guests: 12
Number of Guides: 2
Ski Days: 10

This tour is designed for a wide range of skiers as there are multiple instructor-guides to work with all experience levels. As a minimum it is for the skier who is strong on groomed snow with no or little experience off the groomed, but is not intimidated by it, even if they struggle. We will ski terrain and snow that offers the appropriate challenge and opportunities for you to improve your off-piste skiing.

It is also for the experienced skier with many years of experience and is comfortable in powder and variable snow conditions. We will provide you the challenge you seek and take you to the best spots for the best snow each day to maximize your off-piste skiing time.

Day 1
Arrival into Sapporo-Chitose airport. Meet you guides and fellow powder hounds. Once everyone has arrived we will travel by private vans to the historical port city of Otaru and check-in to our hotel. We will enjoy our first Japanese meal together before our first day of skiing.

Day 2-6
Our first four days of skiing with be split among the three skiing resorts of Sapporo Tiene, Sapporo Kokusai and Kiroro. Sapporo Tiene is the home of the 1972 Olympics while Sapporo Kokusai is a favorite for powder stashes after a storm. Kiroro is an off the beaten trail gem that provides lots of great gladed skiing that only foreigners take advantage of. We have had some of our deepest days here. Evenings in Otaru will allow you to experience Japanese culture as we visit restaurants that will expose you to the vast variety of traditional foods in Japan

Day 7
Today we get a much deserved break as we travel to Niseko in western Hokkaido for the second half of the tour. Once we arrive at Niseko we will check-in to our slope side hotel at the base of Niseko United, the largest ski area in Hokkiado. You will access to massages and a beautiful outdoor onsen (thermal bath) to relax and rejuvenate during your day off.

Day 8-10
We will have the option to go where there is the most powder. We will have the option of the Niseko United area (four ski areas all linked together) and Rusutsu. Niseko United has the most skiers but the most terrain so it spreads out well and we know where and when to hit the different areas to maximize our fresh turns. Rusutsu offers uncrowded slopes with great stashes of powder in its trees and gullies.

Day 11
It is the Niseko Back Country Bowl day for those that register. We will do a 20 minute hike up to the summit of Niseko and ski the back bowls which offer long deep powder runs! You will be guided by local professional back country guides who will take you to the best stashes and keep you buried in powder throughout the day. For those not partaking in the back bowl adventure you will enjoy the also abundant in-resort snow of Niseko United.

Day 12
Our tenth and last ski day. We will again decide where we can get in the best skiing and finish our tour off on the best possible snow. In the evening we will have a farewell diner and party

Day 13

Departure day. We will transfer you to the Sapporo–Chitose airport to catch your flight home.

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In central Hokkaido they average 11 metres of snow in just 4 months!! To put that into perspective, Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies averages 3.7 metres over 7 months. In western Hokkaido (Niseko, Rusutsu) they receives a whopping 15 metres of snow!

These amounts of snow are NOT marketing numbers - it’s for real. The reason is Hokkaido is next to Siberia and is the first land mass Siberian weather systems encounter until they reach western North America. Therefore Hokkaido gets it first, gets it all, and gets it often!

Unlike other big snow areas such as the Andes, British Columbia and the Canadian Rockies where the snow comes in big dumps and then will not snow for a week of more, on Hokkaido it snows almost daily in the heart of the season. It averages 10-30cm per day through January and February. Hokkaido is a snow haven that is consistently and incredibly abundant, while other areas of the world are now having seasons with little snow!

So why such a secret until now? Hokkaido has only been spoken of in the west for the last few years as skiing powder has not been a part of the Japanese ski culture. They love their technical skiing on groomed snow.

In the early 2000's Australian tour companies started bring people to Hokkaido and with that, the demand for skiing the powder slowly developed. Many of the areas have now changed how they operate and allow off-piste skiing. Some areas are still traditional at this point but becoming more liberal.




In central Hokkaido  they average 9 metres of snow in just 4 months!!  In western Hokkaido they receive a whopping 15 metres of snow!

These amounts of snow are NOT marketing numbers - it’s for real. The reason is…

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