Other Information

Booking Flights
  • Your flights are not included in the tour prices. You are responsible for the booking and cost of your flights. We will assist you in the booking your flights. Contact us with the tour you are interested in and we will forward all required details for you to book the correct flights as well as best possible flights at the best possible prices.
  • DO NOT BOOK FLIGHTS until you have been informed by DreamSki Adventures that your tour is confirmed, meaning the minimum number of participants has been met.
  • Dates listed for all tours are your arrival day into the destination country and departure day from that country.

Example: Discover Chile Powder Tour: July 11 – July 17

Arrival day into Santiago Chile is July 11

Departure day from Santiago Chile is July 17

  • · You may arrive early or depart later than the tour dates and enjoy extra time in your destination country. Contact us and we can book the extra hotel nights and transfers for you.
  • · The destination cities and airports for each country are as follows:

Canada Tours: Calgary – Airport Code: YYC

Chile Tours: Santiago - Airport Code: SCL

Argentina Tours: Bariloche – Airport Code: BRC

- This is an internal flight from Buenos Aires Domestic Airport Code AEP. International flights are into Buenos Aires – Airport Code EZE

Japan Tours: Tokyo Narita– Airport Code: NRT

- Internal flights are required and provided by DreamSki Adventures



  • All accommodation is double occupancy hotel style accommodation with private en-suite bathrooms.
  • Single occupancy is available upon request and supplemental charges will apply.
  • If you are a single traveller and would like to share accommodation:

Let us know and we will match you up with an appropriate roommate. However, if we have not been able to find you a roommate within 14 days prior to the tour start date, we must charge you the single supplement. The best chance of finding a roommate is to register early.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions you may have when deciding if you want to join us on a tour.

Q: How do I choose the best DreamSki tour for me?

Read our Abilities Levels page and choose the appropriate level for your skiing or snowboarding. Then look for a tour that includes your level in its range of levels.

Q: I am a strong advanced skier, but my partner/friend is an intermediate skier. Can we both go on the same trip?

Yes. Choose a tour that has the lower ability level in its listed range. The higher ability will be easily accommodated for by our experienced instructor–guides who will assure you are challenged at your level.

Q: I am a snowboarder. What tours can I join?

All our tours are open to snowboarders. Only the tours identified as snowboard specific offer snowboard instructors for our “guided coaching”.

Q: I am a skier and my partner/friend is a snowboarder. Can we both go on the same tour?

Yes. We have tours specifically designed for this scenario that offer you a ski instructor and a snowboard instructor so you both get the most out of your holiday. If these tours do not fit your schedule you may join any of our other tours with the understanding that the snowboarder will not receive the instructional part of the package but will be guided to the best places and the best snow for their ability.

Q: I am a single traveler. Will I be the only one if I join a tour?

Not at all. The majority of our guests are single travelers. Travelling in a small group discovering a new country together makes for great camaraderie as you all share in the same adventures. We have had numerous single travelers develop great friendships from their tours with us.

Q: I am concerned that because there is instruction on your tours, I will not ski as much as I usually do on a ski holiday. Should I be?

Not at all. Our “guided coaching” is designed to keep you moving and exploring the mountain. You will actually ski more terrain and ski tougher terrain smoother and faster whether an intermediate or expert. Learn more about our “guided coaching”

Q: I am not interested in receiving instruction. I just want to ski the best terrain and snow. Can I join one of your tours?

Yes. Our “guided coaching is optional. You do not have to partake in it if it does not interest you or fit your style of holiday. Our experienced instructor-guides can manage your desires and that of the rest of the group seemlessly.

Q: Do you go off-piste or backcountry skiing on your tours?

All DreamSki tours are conducted in countries that have a controlled avalanche boundary that defines the ski resort. We ski within these boundaries and ski both the groomed snow and off the groomed snow (off-piste). If we offer a backcountry excursion (outside a controlled area and in uncontrolled natural areas), the vendors we use supply the certified guides and equipment for those excursions (ie. cat skiing). We may do an occasional short hike within the ski area boundary to get to a sweet spot but we do not do any major hikes taking us out of the ski area boundary. The unique destinations we travel to do not require backcountry access to find fresh tracks.

Q: What ages are most of the guests on your tours?

There are no age restrictions on our tours. Anyone 18 years and older may participate. The majority of our guests tend to be between the ages of 30-60, but we also have some younger guests and many older guests who are fit, active, and inspiring. It’s not how old you are that’s important, its how much fun you have!

Q: What physical shape do I have to be in to come on your tours?

We know that the better shape you are in the more fun you will have. Our tours are designed for the typical recreational skier who is active in their lives. You do not have to be a mountain man/woman to keep up. The level of tour will also dictate the pace.

Q: What is included in the price of the tour? What is NOT included in the price of the tour?

See our Guided Tours page for a full listing of what is and is not included in our tours.

Q: How much should I budget for the lunches, dinners and drinks not included in the tour price?

Following is an average cost of lunches and dinners with a drink for each country we offer in the local currency.

Chile (Pesos-CLP): Lunches: CLP 7,000 Dinner w/ drinks: CLP 18,000

Argentina (Pesos-ARS): Lunches: ARS 50 Dinner w/ drinks: ARS 100

Japan (Yen-JPY): Lunches: JPY 1,300 Dinner w/ drinks: JPY 4,500

Canada (Dollar-CAD): Lunches: CAD 12.00 Dinner w/ drinks: CAD 50.00