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A Good Season had by All in South America

Fresh tracks at Cerro Catedral this August - no other skiers - we had it all to ourselves! Fresh tracks at Cerro Catedral this August - no other skiers - we had it all to ourselves! Gerry Winchester

We just wrapped up our ninth season in South America and it turned out very well on all our tours considering this season had the strangest weather in all my years down here since 2001. 

 The snow volume was lower than normal and temperatures were milder than usual. However we still had fresh tracks and good snow quality.  As I have written before, the snow in the Andes is very different and once again it proved itself to be so.  We had ski days where the ambient temperatures were above zero even reaching +8C.  However the snow held up, believe it or not, and on south facing aspects we were skiing dry winter snow and on the lower slopes we had great corn snow!

2012-09-24-Sue  Nikiki fresh tracks                                  Fresh tracks at Nevados de Chillan this past July

If you have only skied in North America or Europe you probably are skeptical of my above statements.  But if you have been to the Andes you know what I am talking about.  Andean snow is unique in its properties and behavior. It is extremely dry and skiable at above zero.  Andean snow turns into loose playful corn snow readily and not wet heavy snow like we are use to in Europe and North America at these mild temeratures.

And with so few skiers in South America compared to other parts of the world and with our experienced guides we still found fresh tracks on all our tours despite ferwer storms as demonstrated in the photos included here.

2012-09-24-Portillo fresh tracks-Mike                                       Fresh tracks at Portillo this September

The northern Andes (near Santiago) have had three years in a row with below average snowfall and this year Southern Chile (the volcanoes) had lower than average, but those that have chosen to come down have been rewarded with a ski adventure of a life time and fresh tracks.  If you have been considering South America, why not join us next year as we celebrate our tenth season of sharing Andean snow and the cultures of Chile and Argentina.  The odds are in your favor for a great snow year :-)

See you on the snow!

Gerry Winchester – Founder, DreamSki Adventures

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